Ukrainian Christmas carols, known as “koliadky”, celebrate the birth of the Christ Child and are an important part of the Ukrainian Christmas tradition. The custom of going from home to home to rejoice with singing can trace its origins back to pre Christian times. Many Ukrainian carols are, in fact, ancient folk songs. They have become Christianized with time, and remain a unique blend of religious and cultural elements.

1. Good Tidings in Bethlehem.

The Blessed Virgin Mary has given birth to the Christ Child in Bethlehem. As she swaddles Him and lays Him in the manger, heavenly choirs sing Her praises.

2. A New Joy Has Come.

Above the stable where Christ is born, a bright star announces to the world that a new joy has come.

3. Heaven and Earth.

Today, both Heaven and earth rejoice and welcome the newborn King, proclaiming the wonder of His birth. Christ is born!