Every ensemble is made up of individuals.

Cheremshyna is Lydia Ruditsch (second alto), Claudia Melnyk (first alto), and Nadine Zwetkow (soprano). All three members of the ensemble were born in Canada. Claudia and Lydia are sisters, and Nadine their close friend since childhood. They all attended the same high school, where they began their musical studies, and sang in various choirs.Singing in the church choirs of St. Sophie Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral, and St. Mary The Protectress Ukrainian Orthodox Church, also made up a large part of their musical experience. Their love for Ukrainian music grew even stronger by participating in duets, trios, and Ukrainian folk choirs. It was only natural that this would lead them to create the Cheremshyna Ensemble, where they could express their passion for music and Ukrainian culture.

Ukrainians around the world have inherited the gift of song as part of their cultural wealth. The “raison d’etre” of the Cheremshyna Ensemble has always been to preserve and promote Ukrainian music and to share this priceless heritage with Ukrainians and non-Ukrainians, alike. Cheremshyna concerts have demonstrated that the beauty of Ukrainian song transcends the language barrier and appeals to all audiences as the rhythms, haunting melodies, and enchanting harmonies address themselves to the listeners’ hearts.

The Cheremshyna Ensemble began as a trio but along the way it grew to include more people. Musicians became part of the ensemble, bringing with them their own special talents. Of particular significance are two gifted Montreal musicians who were part of the Ensemble from 1988 to 1992 – Mark Bednarczyk, guitarist, and Bill Kinal, accordionist.

“I have spread my dreams under your feet. Tread softly…”     W.B. Yeats